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Insulaar e results to expect

  • High-Efficiency Performance

    Thin, lightweight material provides resistance against the three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation. It forms an effective barrier against sound transmission, moisture, air currents and vapors, and does not does not provide a growth medium for fungus, insects, or rodents.

  • Insulation Is Easy to Use

    Lightweight, compact and pliable (lay able) yet resistant to punctures, tears and cracking. Fit easily into complex shapes. Installation is quick and simple.

  • Safety, Health and Environmental

    Clean, non-toxic and fire-retardant material. No special clothing or protective equipment is necessary for handling or installation.

  • Cost-Effective and Versatile

    Effect and economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications.

  • Insulaar e Typical Applications

  • - Commercial and residential buildings
    - Insulation for food and drug shipping
    - Automotive & Commercial transportation
    - Livestock shelters