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There are two main types of heat energy that concern us when considering the insulation of buildings:-

Thermal energy which is the heat contained in matter and is represented by the vibration of the molecules. This is what we feel when we touch something hot and the vibrational energy is transferred to our skin

Radiant Energy which can pass through a vacuum, (it does not require the presence of matter). We receive radiant heat energy from the sun across million miles of empty space.

Heat is lost from buildings in three ways:-

  • Convection - when warm air rises and is replaced with cold drafts.
  • Conduction - when a warm and cold material come into contact with each other.
  • Radiation - when radiant heat (infra-red) is emitted from a warm building.

When insulating a building we consider all three types of heat losses. Reflective insulation works by reflecting radiant heat in a way similar to that of a mirror reflecting light.

Insulaar e combines the insulating qualities of trapped spaces with the superior heat reflecting capabilities of aluminum foil to create a material that prevents heat-transfer in all three of the ways that it occurs.

Since all objects and bodies give off radiant heat, the best way to stop radiant heat is to reflect it or reduce the amount that is given off. Insulaar e does just that by reflecting thermal radiations with its high reflectance. Additionally, the bubbles of trapped air between the aluminum surfaces provide a conductive barrier that helps give excellent R-values. Since Insulaar e is solid, hence impervious to convection and moisture, it is the perfect vapor and air infiltration barrier.

This product has been specifically designed for insulating commercial and residential buildings thereby reducing the amount of radiant heat transfer. Insulaar e is a Green product which conserves energy and helps the environment by reducing carbon footprints.