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Why Wind e® Turbo Ventilators are necessary?

Improves Ventilation: Wind e® Turbo Ventilators efficiently sucks warm and stale air resulting in outdoor air to flow inside caused by the pressure differences between the building and its surroundings.

Heat recovery: Wind e® Turbo Ventilators lowers the heat build up by replacing it with fresh cooler air from outside. Thus the need for additional mechanical cooling systems like air-conditioners & circulating fans is less.

Indoor Air quality: Besides considerations of thermal comfort, Wind e® Turbo Ventilators maintain the chemical composition of indoor air - clean and fresh. This means avoiding chemical pollutants, particulates, pollen, mold and mildew, pathogens, and other unwanted substances in the air, as well as bringing in new air at an adequate rate..

Natural occurring: Wind e® Turbo Ventilators does not rely on wind alone to operate & can work well on still, breezeless days when it may be most needed. The stack effect will cause air infiltration by creating a significant pressure difference. The warmer indoor air rises up through the building and escapes at the top through ventilation openings, drawing cold air in through either open doors, windows or other openeings.

Superior Technology: Wind e® Turbo Ventilator is a Bearing free German Technology vis-a-via a sealed self lubricating steel device in polymer, mounted within the steel shaft, with minimal friction resulting in high RPM and consequent more extraction of hot air. The result is a maintenance free, Silent, Smooth and Sustained operation for more than ten years.

Range: Wind e® Turbo Ventilators are available in a range of sizes to suit different air filtration requirements. Even residentail buildings and single households can use a Turbo Ventilator to funnel fresh air, while having little or no energy use for active HVAC cooling and ventilation.

Reduces humidity. The heated work spaces of factories & other commercial establishments are one source of moisture. Heated air has a greater ability to hold moisture than cooler air. Exchanging inside air with outside air removes pollutants and moisture (when outside air is dry).

Air Filteration. In addition to air that’s the right temperature and humidity for thermal comfort, it’s important that air is clean, fresh, and circulated effectively in the space. Clean air can be achieved by Wind e® Turbo Ventilators flushing spaces with fresh outside air that has pollutants (volatile organic compounds from paints or materials) and pathogen levels below certain thresholds.