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Q. What is wind turbines made of?

The fan blades are made of high grade aluminium, while top cover is Zinc coated steel, and remaining structure is GI.

Q. Are wind turbines noisy?

Wind e ventilators are noiseless. Self- Lubricating Steel device in Polymer gives steady RPM even after significant passage of time, unlike fans using ball bearings.

Please check our technical specifications for more details

Q. What happens when the wind stops blowing?

The vents still rotate on secondary source i.e. heat generated within the shed premises. The tendency of hot air is to move up (stack effect). This hot air hits the fins of the fan and helps it rotate.

Q. How much will this actually cool my factory?

The design enables the ventilator to be activated by natural convection from the inside of the building and also allows it to be assisted by the wind outside. Wind creates a flow of air through the throat of the turbine to enhance extraction. Users of Wind-e continually report reduced stress and increased productivity due to a healthier working environment.

This is not a temperature reducing device. No one can guarantee the amount of heat reduction. This device is an air exchanger.

Q. What size turbine will I need?

Please refer to Calculation sheet

Q. How long do wind turbines last?

We provide a warranty of 1 year. But our fans are working effortlessly at many of our client locations for more than 5 yrs. Unlike other ventilators, you do not need to replace fans every 1-3 years.

Q. What if the blades break?

We do crimping at the edges to protect the fan from transit damage and bird hits. Thus at the edges, the blade thickness is 0.8mm. This protects from majority of accidents.

Q. Can the turbine be re-sited?


Q. Can they be installed on both metal and tiled roofs?

Cannot be fixed on tile roofs. For concrete roofs a provision needs to be made during construction to effectively install the ventilators without any leaks. Else side duct can be made on which ventilators can be mounted.

Q. How many vents do I need?

Please see calculation sheet.

Q. What maintenance is required for the vent?

Virtually Maintenance Free and no operating cost since it runs on Wind Power and bearing free technology.

Q. How do I choose between the listed models?

Larger size fans require consistent higher winds speed to rotate. Over the years, it has been noticed that 22’’ & 24’’ fans are ideal for Indian conditions.

Q. Do we need to cover roof turbines during raining season?

Roof turbines do not need to be covered when it rains. The spinning of the turbine shoots the rain away from the openings.

Q. How does the vent work during wind turbulence or cyclone etc?

Rigid spider type frame construction helps it to withstand cyclone, storm and twisters to a great extent. Having a roof ventilator always helps during cyclone. Having vents at various locations on the shed provide numerous escape routes to cyclonic air thereby protecting the shed from uprooting.

Q. Is there calculation involved to suggest number of vents required for a give location.

Yes, the calculation will be as follows : Determine Volume of space to be ventilated
Volume (ft3)+ L x W xH, Where L= Length, W= width,H=Ht.of building
Select Air changes per hour inside working area from Table A
Calculate required ventilaton rate Q (cfm)
Q(cfm) = Volume (ft3) x Air change Rate
Determine number of ventilators = Ventilation Rate Q
Exhaust Capacity

Q. What is the recommended height of the air path?

Please refer to calculation procedure.

Q. Why should one consider your product among the ones available in the market?

Wind – E turbo ventilators are an imported product, manufactured under strict quality control systems. The turbine vent is technically superior to other fans made domestically and abroad, one due to incorporation of German technology vis-a-vis bearing free self lubricating steel shaft device with minimal friction resulting in high RPM and consequent more extraction of hot air.

The fan is made of Aluminum, and other material used in the fan passes through strict quality control. Wind-e air Turbo Ventilators have been giving trouble free performance for a long time due to its construction.

We believe in ethically servicing Customer needs and ensuring customer delight.

We are providing technically superior fans at a very economical price. This is due to the large volumes.

Sales network
We supply and install anywhere in India through our Head office.


  • Our ventilators can be Powder coated at an extra cost to withstand corrosive fumes in chemical factories or any other location where corrosive fumes are generated.
  • Ventilators do not suck a particles /dust on the ground. Any dust / particle light enough to be suspected in air will be exhausted / suck out.

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