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Installation :

The Wind e Turbo Ventilator is lightweight, this enables flexibility as it is easily adaptable to all kinds of roofs and can be installed almost anywhere on the roof without any structural changes.

Installation of this Roof Turbo Ventilator is very simple and does not require any specialised knowledge. Therefore no major expenses need to be incurred for this.

For Tiled/Sheet roof

  • Pull the lower sheet downwards and the upper sheet upwards to make space for the FRP sheet.
  • Place the FRP sheet over the lower moved sheet and under the upper moved sheet on perlins of the structure.
  • Place Turbo ventilator on the FRP sheet on the space provided.
  • Tighten it with screws. No adhesive / Sealant required.

Sheets cab be made for various kinds of roof profiles

For RCC roofs

  • Provision has to be made on the roof while constructing and ventilators added as shown in the picture.
  • Ducting can be added from the side as shown in the picture.
  • Tighten it with screws. No adhesive / Sealant required.

For other kinds roofs, installation methods are available.